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A Sampling of Our Clients Since 2010 - from Adducent

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We write, ghostwrite and publish fiction, nonfiction, creative nonfiction, memoirs, biographies and autobiographies and develop original intellectual property, story and character brands and franchises.

LinkedIn Recommendation

LinkedIn Recommendation

We work with clients internationally and some we’ve helped and worked with have appeared on PBS NewsHour, 60 Minutes and MSNBC (not to mention other TV and radio shows nationally and in their local markets). 

Our unique talents are suited not only to the creation of fresh new stories and perspectives, creating strong brands identifiable for specific market niches but also can help revitalize or develop story ideas, concepts and existing intellectual property turning them into a fully-fleshed, tangible, reality, where before there were only thoughts or dreams.

If you have a writing project you’d like our help with please see our simple questionnaire; complete and return it to us to schedule a call appointment to discuss with you. 

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For information on our publishing operations please visit this site. There you’ll find books we’ve published.

If you have a publishing project you’d like our help with please download our simple one-page form; complete and return it to us to schedule a call appointment to discuss with you. 

We write and ghostwrite:


  • Books (including memoirs, autobiographies, self-help, business, etc.)
  • Articles
  • Online Content (for websites, blogs and social media)
  • Essays

FICTION (different genres)

  • Novels (including Series)
  • Short Stories
  • Flashfiction

We Develop Stories & Books

Like a real estate developer or movie producer we take ideas and turn them into something real–in this case stories and books (for clients, too).

Some of the work(s) done for clients…

We not only write. We also help clients develop stories and books and provide publishing services. We’ve worked with senior officers (active duty and retired) in the military including several men and women of Flag & General Officer rank. We’ve worked with men and women with lengthy careers in the US Intelligence Services and Government. We’ve worked with CEO’s of small and large private and public companies; including two CEOs and Chairmans of billion dollar NYSE companies. We’ve worked with acclaimed doctors, lawyers and other professionals to help them realize their dream, or objective, of writing their story(ies). If you want to write and/or publish a book or your story… please contact us. See how we may be able to help you as we’ve done for dozens of others.

Please understand that many of the following books are those of clients we’ve helped to develop, edit and publish; several are ghostwriting clients as well. Due to confidentiality agreements there are some where we are not named on the cover and there are a few of our books not shown or listed here due to specific restrictions in the agreement with that particular client.

Character 900w Bare Feet - Iron Will by Jim Zumwalt BFIW VN Cover - Chân_Trần_Chí_Thép DD Front 900w Front Cover RESPONSES 978-1-937592-13-4 Calera's Aloha Recipes
CO-SITM Cover Front 900w Generation X Approved - Top 20 Keys to Effective Leadership - cover concept Mind the Gap - Getting Business Results in Multigenerational Organizations Voices from the Bottom of the South China Sea (front cover) EC_FRONT FJ Front cover

Let There Be Light... Creating a Life Worth Living Let There Be Light... Creating a Life Worth Living Let There Be Light... Creating a Life Worth Living IWS Cover Blue Front IWS Cover Blue Front IWS Cover Blue Front

Dear Valentina - A Love Story 1941-2005 Dear Valentina - A Love Story 1941-2005 Dear Valentina - A Love Story 1941-2005 DOATM_front DOATM_front DOATM_front

MIL Front 900w MIL Front 900w MIL Front 900w Goldfish - Silver Boot Goldfish - Silver Boot Goldfish - Silver Boot

No Body Wants To Talk About It No Body Wants To Talk About It No Body Wants To Talk About It POS-cover-600x POS-cover-600x POS-cover-600x

Traces of Mammon - front cover Traces of Mammon - front cover 9780977788477 LIA-front LIA-front DOOMSDAY Iran ~ The Clock is Ticking

DOOMSDAY Iran ~ The Clock is Ticking Mirabella and the Pearl of Chulothe - front cover

Some of our fiction stories written by Dennis Lowery:

All That I Am... by Dennis Lowery  The ShadowRipper - Episode One - Damnation... by Dennis Lowery  AltCover - Through a Lens of Dark & Light... A Novella by Dennis Lowery Union Station... a Short Story by Dennis Lowery  The Candle by Dennis Lowery  Night Noises by Dennis Lowery

The Ladies of the Pain by Dennis Lowery  The Wreath... by Dennis Lowery  Wings - A Story by Dennis Lowery Ask for the Dance... by Dennis Lowery  Leaving Taos... flashfiction by Dennis Lowery  Born Different... a story by Dennis Lowery

Rising Sun Setting Sun - short fiction from Dennis Lowery  The Adventures of Captain Bob, Space Explorer -- The Pleasure Planet by Dennis Lowery  Roll Call... flashfiction-humor by Dennis Lowery The Tide Buried Bones by Dennis Lowery  Legs & Lace by Dennis Lowery  Serpentauria Ark of Extinction - front

She Was Just A Statue... by Dennis Lowery  The Knocking Dead... by Dennis Lowery  The First Werewolf by Dennis Lowery The Boy Who Got Away... by Dennis Lowery  The Bench... flashfiction by Dennis Lowery  The Moon Over Water by Dennis Lowery

Towards the Light... inspirational flashfiction by Dennis Lowery  LSM 2  Remember Me in Blue by Dennis Lowery

Some of the nonfiction stories written by Dennis Lowery:

Dance of Fireflies by Dennis Lowery  One Night in Barcelona... by Dennis Lowery  The Sign of Fools & Sages... by Dennis Lowery Not All Believe In Honesty - But Everyone Understands Punishment... by Dennis Lowery  She Was Mighty... Mighty... by Dennis Lowery  Just Outside My Door... by Dennis Lowery

About Being Good... to Others by Dennis Lowery  The Child... Inside by Dennis Lowery

Some of our stories planned for future development: 

The Siren's Sonata - A paranormal noir story by Dennis Lowery  The Boy Who Thought He Was John Wayne by Dennis Lowery  The Devil's Writer by Dennis Lowery COVER REVEAL Truth-Truth-Lies a story by Dennis Lowery  Ink and Shadows by Dennis Lowery  COVER CONCEPT In The Dark Waters... by Dennis Lowery

Waiting for My Witch by Dennis Lowery  Toward a Blood Red Sky by Dennis Lowery  The Wrong Man... pulp flashfiction by Dennis Lowery TMtL 3  The Black Orchid by Dennis Lowery  The Last City - STRONGHOLD

The Jackdaw by Dennis Lowery - rough cover concept for story development  Equinox 1946 Cover Fullsize  EQUINOX First Lightning by Dennis Lowery COFFEE Lovers... a story from Dennis Lowery - Coming in Feb 2015